Oredock is a fairly single-purpose town founded just over a century ago. When explorers from the Old Country came across a small clearing on the sea at the base of a mountain, they were very excited to find a community of dwarves living in that mountain who were mining a very rare metal called adamantine.

Oredock was founded then as a trading point between the dwarves and the Old Country. In exchange for weapons and armor made of this extra-hard, light metal, the dwarves are given tobacco, fine wines, and gold bars.

Oredock is fairly self-sufficient, with some farm lands, entertainment and a functional, if small, government system. That is, until the river that flows through town starts to overflow, flooding the town. The water level is rising fast, and the town council is meeting to decide what to do, but the whole town is panicked about how they are going to survive the flood.

The characters in this adventures will be residents of Oredock, though they may have a variety of backgrounds, professions and aspirations. They will have to band together to help save a large part of the population if the town council is unable to save them.

New Oredock